Angelic Transformation:

Your Customised Healing Journey


Step into a world of celestial healing and transformation, allowing the power of the angelic realm to tailor a bespoke journey of healing for inner balance and wellness

At Clear Intentions, we offer a unique and tailored experience to address your specific needs that are in alignment with your higher self and soul purpose. All healing is performed through Wanita, a highly experienced spiritual healer who has helped countless clients on their journey towards wellness and inner peace.

You will experience a profound shift as we work remotely with you to align and balance your physical and energetic bodies. After booking, you will receive an email explaining how Wanita and her team of angelic beings can assist in helping you.

Here are the reasons to embark on this journey:

  • Lack of self-love and self-worth
  • No motivation to move in a positive direction
  • Lack of fulfilment in life
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Negative emotions such as anger, frustration, or sadness
  • Fogginess and lack of clarity
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and stress
  • Depression, addictions, and other mental health concerns
  • Physical illness or ailments
  • Struggles in relationships or feelings of loneliness

During these two weeks of transformation, Wanita will work with you to ensure you receive rapid and lasting transformation. Experience the power of the angelic realm and the guidance of ascended masters to release negative patterns and beliefs, ignite new energy and motivation, and restore balance and harmony to your life.

The journey towards transformation includes the following:

  • Unique and tailored experience to address your specific needs and optimal healing outcome.
  • Power of the angelic realm and guidance of ascended masters
  • Release of negative patterns and beliefs
  • Ignition of new energy and motivation
  • Restoration of balance and harmony to your life
  • Focus on holistic healing for physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  • Trust and support from the angels and ascended masters to reach full potential and live your best life¬†
  • Deep shift in energy and perspective leading to greater clarity, inner peace, and purpose¬†

Trust in the process and open your heart and mind to the healing energy that will flow into every aspect of your life. 

Connect with the power of the angelic realm and experience a transformative shift in your well-being. We will work with you in a customised way to address your physical, emotional, and mental concerns.


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How it works?

Before starting, Wanita grounds herself and creates a sacred space before opening the ceremony. She calls on Archangel Raphael, her team of angels and guides requesting their presence and assistance. Then, she establishes a connection with her higher self. Wanita asks that you receive these corrections with ease and grace, and that no harm may come to you as a result of any correction you receive that day.

Next, she calls on your higher self to guide her to what needs to be identified and corrected for your most optimal outcome during the session. After the initial session, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing what Wanita finds and the corrections made. The following week will involve a follow-up to address any additional matters that may arise.

 In addition to these sessions, we want to assure you that every morning during Wanita’s meditations, she will be dedicating time to ground your energies into the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth and connect them to our Divine Creator. This daily practice serves as a continuous source of support and balance throughout your two-week journey together. She will also focus on harmonizing your chakras and auric fields, ensuring they remain in a state of balance and alignment. Wanita’s commitment to your well-being extends beyond our sessions, as she works diligently to nurture and maintain the energy harmony that will serve you best.


Step One

The personal history of an individual is fully stored in the subconscious mind, which also controls the body's daily physical functions via the three nervous systems. Our unique structure and organs are based on the DNA in each cell, which contains the complete information needed to create a human being and uses the meridian system as its foundation.



Step Two

Wanita checks to see if there's anything out of alignment, working on Charkras, Auric Fields, and meridians, making sure they are all functioning correctly and attuned with each other. During the healing, she checks for Entity & Spirit Attachments - a spirit or entity can attach itself to the living person’s body or energetic field. Spirit attachment is not uncommon although it is one of the most misunderstood forms of energetic illnesses.

Step Three

Wanita then checks the physical body, such as a spinal investigation, any cell malfunctions, reflux in the body, Sacro occipital pump process, and other physical ailments. Wanita also checks for any memory patterns they may be holding onto, or possibly being passed down through ancestors. She looks at the life force and biodynamic frequencies of the body and much more.



Let Others Inspire You.


"My Beautiful Wanita how you have given me so much for so many years Wanita is a Friend who is married to another Beautiful Soul whom I've known all my life The Love and Caring for Humanity in its Spiritual sense has been an on going mission for Wanita She is on the right path and has been for many years not only now where Spirituality has been a major factor in our lives in the 3 years because of current events Wanita has always proclaimed Body Mind Health Healing for a long time Wanita has on many occasions answered my prayers¬†¬†But there is no miracle cure out there There is a miracle out there if you Believe in yourself first and take Guidance from your Teacher¬†ūüíô

Sam Giacca

"Wanita has been a true, treasured and trusted friend of mine for nearly 40 years.

Her gifts for tapping into higher realms has developed over the years to a mind blowing,  wow level that has helped me and my family on so many occasions and constantly leaves me in awe.

Wanita is kind and gracious and uses her spiritual talents for the highest good of all involved, be it a person,  animal or property. 

She has clear intentions that are taken on with ease and grace and I could not recommend her more." 

Carmel Butler

At Clear Intentions, our healing process is different for each client, as it depends on what their higher self wants us to know.

We are guided by our team of enlightened emissaries, angelic beings, and ascended masters, working in accordance with the client's highest good, allowing only what they can handle. We ask that our clients receive all corrections with ease and grace, and that no harm shall come to them as a result of any healing or correction they receive from us. 

Our service is also available for loved ones, accessing their higher self and going direct for their highest good. Many people have reported miraculous shifts on behalf of their loved ones.

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Join us on this customised celestial healing journey and experience a transformative shift in your well-being.

Say yes to a brighter, more fulfilling future and allow our team and their angelic guidance to work their magic in your life. Your bespoke angelic transformation awaits.



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Paid in Full

  • Two weeks¬†of remote celestial healing for your highest good, with ease and grace.
  • Detailed report and personalized guidance after the initial healing ceremony.
  • Ongoing communication throughout the¬†two weeks to ensure the highest benefit of this transformational healing package.
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Paid fortnightly

  • Two weeks¬†of remote celestial healing for your highest good, with ease and grace.
  • Detailed report and personalized guidance after the initial healing ceremony.
  • Ongoing communication throughout the two weeks to ensure the highest benefit of this transformational healing package.
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